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Character Dialogue
Cobra Bubbles All ight -- we're going in. Stay behind me and wait for my signal to advance; there's no telling what's in that lab.
Nani Uh... yes there is, actually? I go in there to clean almost every day... it's mostly takeout containers and dirty aloha shirts.
Cobra Bubbles Hmph. Well... you can never be too careful.

Sweep the Area![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Cobra Bubbles
Level 2
Send Nani and Bubbles to investigate Lilo's House.[1]
"Investigate Lilo's House"
4h Experience5, Galactic Coins50
Level 3
  1. Requires Lilo's House
Character Dialogue
Cobra Bubbles Jackpot. These schematics clearly show the robot -- linking Jookiba to the incident. If only we could read his notes...
Cobra Bubbles I'd call in a specialist to translate... but given the ectoplasm covering that computer, I'm not sure ANY human should use it.
Nani "Ectoplasm"? Uh... I think that's duck sauce, actually. Jumba's been talking about this new Szechuan delivery place...
Cobra Bubbles ... Noted. I'll tell the xenolinguist to bring some wet wipes.
Cobra Bubbles In our line of work, it pays to be prepared.