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Character Dialogue
Jasmine Genie's here already? Well, we better get busy. There's the tea service to set up, and--
Aladdin I know! That's why we have to work fast. He could find us any minute!
Jasmine Don't worry, Aladdin. It'll be all right. I've seen the palace staff do this hundreds of times, so...
Jasmine You welcome the musicians, and I'll finish the flower arrangements. If we work together, everything will be fine.


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Jasmine and Aladdin to prep the Lotus Fountain.[1]
"Prepare the Lotus Fountain"
10h Experience5, Sultan Symbols50
Level 4
Character Dialogue
Jasmine Phew! That was close...but I think everything's ready.
Aladdin Yeah! I was a little worried about putting Abu in charge of the food, but I think he managed to put out more than he ate.
Aladdin I don't see any bananas or dates, though. Hmm...
Jasmine That's all right. We have plenty of tea, which makes me happy. After all that running around, I'm exhausted!
Jasmine I've always respected the palace staff, but now I really understand what they do. They're amazing!