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Character Dialogue
Li Shang Forgive me... My being posted as a morale officer may be temporary, but that's no excuse for me to neglect my duty.
Li Shang If the Emperor wants me to travel to this land and hold a demonstration for the Lantern Festival... well, I'm honored to do it.
Li Shang I'll need to take a full inventory of the supplies we have on hand, though...
Li Shang Whether it's troop movements or festival planning -- either way, preparation is key!

Supply Lines[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Li Shang
Level 1
Send Shang to plan for the demonstration.
"Plan for Demonstration"
2h Experience5, Dragon Coins/201750
Character Dialogue
Li Shang Hmm... Adequate food stores, and we SHOULD be able to seat enough guests... Excellent work.
Li Shang Now -- a quick inspection of the barracks, and we should be able to get down to business...
Li Shang After all, we can't have an entire military drill team sleeping outside, now, can we?
Li Shang There... ah... IS a barracks here. Right?