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Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Now that we're both in costume, I know how we can get people back in the Halloween spirit! Here's a hint: It starts with a C...
Goofy Cauliflower?
Mickey Mouse No, Goof: C--
Goofy Carburetors?

Sugar Rush[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Goofy to hand out candy.
"Treats from Goofy"
4h Experience5, Wooden Pumpkins50
Mickey Mouse
Send Mickey to hand out candy.
"Treats from Mickey"
Character Dialogue
Goofy ... Cuttlefish?
Mickey Mouse We've been handing it out for a while now, Goofy... Haven't you figured it out yet?
Goofy Aw, I know it's candy, Mickey -- I just like comin' up with funny words to say!
Mickey Mouse That's Goofy, all right! I just wish we could BOTH figure out what's been scaring our guests...