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Character Dialogue
Timothy Q With all the pull Dumbo and me got these days, it's easy to forget we don't actually run the circus!
Timothy Q That's the Ringmaster's gig... and other than takin' most of the credit for Dumbo's act, he never had a good idea in his life.
Timothy Q I'd tell him flat-out how to run his show, if only his pride could take it... but he ain't about to follow orders from a mouse.
Timothy Q And THAT means, when I wanna pitch him on somethin' new, I gotta be a little sneakier than most guys...

Subliminal Managing[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Timothy Q
Level 7
Send Timothy and the Ringmaster to "talk."
""Discuss New Ideas""
6h Experience5, Magic100
The Ringmaster
Level ?
Character Dialogue
Timothy Q Yes... As the voice of your subconscious mind... your inspiration... I see a million Dumbo stuffed animals sellin' for two bits each!
The Ringmaster ... Yes... Dumbo stuffed animals...
Timothy Q That's right! When you awake... you'll call the toy company right away... and maybe be nicer to circus mice, while you're at it...
The Ringmaster Be... nicer to... Wait. "When I awake?" But I am not even asleep! Hey -- just what is going on here?!
Timothy Q Whoops! Looks like that's my cue to exit stage right. That'll teach me to push my luck, huh?