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Character Dialogue
LeFou All RIGHT! Henri finally got his accordion fixed up -- and THAT means the band's back together!
LeFou ...What! I got my own interests too, ya know! I don't hang out with Gaston ALL the time. Just... MOST of it!
LeFou Anyway... LeFou's Revue is the village's only... uh... LEADING instrumental combo! We play birthdays, holidays, surprise weddings...
LeFou ... And if we play good enough today, the tavern keeper's gonna give us a standing gig at his place! So we're KIND of a big deal.

Strike Up the Band![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send LeFou to audition his band at the Tavern.[1]
"Audition at the Tavern"
6h Experience5, Magic100
  1. Requires Gaston's Tavern
Character Dialogue
LeFou Aaaah, nuts. That old coot wouldn't know good music if it dropped an armchair on him!
LeFou Who CARES if my conducting-stick was still broken from when Gaston threw me into that mud puddle?
LeFou ... And if the horn was still out of tune from when Gaston hit me over the head with it?
LeFou ... And if Gaston didn't even show up to watch after I wrote a whole other song about how good of a friend he is?!
LeFou There was a whole VERSE about how he almost remembered my birthday once!