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Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Gosh, Goofy, this storm just keeps getting worse. We gotta make sure the whole Kingdom is safe!
Mickey Mouse Let's split up and check on everybody. If you see anybody in trouble, shout!
Goofy You can count on me, Mickey!

Storm Watch

Character Activities Time Rewards
Mickey Mouse
Level 2
Send Mickey to check on the Kingdom.
"Check on the Kingdom"
2h Experience5, Arendelle Shields50
Level ?
Send Goofy to check on the Kingdom.
"Check on the Kingdom"
Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Phew! Everybody's safe. How did your search go, Goofy? I didn't hear any shouts from you.
Goofy Really? Gawrsh, that's strange... I'm SURE I hollered when that fella tripped into a snowdrift...
Goofy Oh, wait... A-hyuck! That was me! I guess it's kinda hard to yell loud when you're upside-down...
Mickey Mouse I'm glad Goofy's okay, but his fall tells me that we've gotta do something about this storm, quick!