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Character Dialogue
Lilo Are you almost ready for the comedy act you wanted to do, Jumba? We gotta keep this beach-party energy going!
Jumba Hahaa! You bet your stylish human muumuu I am ready, little girl! The observational humor of Jumba Jookiba is first-in-class!
Jumba In fact, I am so confident in my material, I am going even HIGHER-concept this time.
Jumba Gaze in awe at my latest invention: Dr. Jumba Jookiba's Patented Remote-Broadcast Comedy Routine!

Stop Me If You've Heard This[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Jumba to perform stand-up, remotely.
"Perform Stand-Up Remotely"
8h Experience45, Trident Sand Shells250
Character Dialogue
Jumba What do you think? Hilarious, yes? The audience was so entertained by my stylings, they were speechless!
Lilo I think they might've just been confused that there were alien jokes coming out of all those megaphones you set up...
Lilo ... But I thought they were really funny!
Lilo It takes all kinds of entertainment to make a summer beach party great... and Remote Comedy counts too!