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Character Dialogue
Drizella Tremaine Well! I know what song I'm singing -- now all I have to do is find Cinderella so I can pretend to like singing it at her.
Drizella Tremaine Cinderella always WAS difficult to find, of course. Always out hanging my laundry, or beating the dirt out of my bedroom rug...
Drizella Tremaine ... or making my breakfast, or doing my sewing, or darning my socks, or dusting my ceiling, or... Well, I could go on.
Drizella Tremaine I just can't imagine where she could be right now! What could she POSSIBLY be doing without me to tell her to do it?!

Step-ing Out[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Drizella Tremaine
Level 2
Send Drizella to search the Regal Carrousel.[1]
"Search the Carrousel"
8h Experience5, Magic50
Character Dialogue
Drizella Tremaine Just as I thought: Even in someplace as fancy as all that, Cinderella's never ONCE there when you're looking for her!
Drizella Tremaine Just her prince walking around with one of her shoes, for some reason...
Drizella Tremaine I guess when you're THAT loaded, you can have whatever silly hobbies you want!
Drizella Tremaine I hear Cinderella still keeps mice around, the awful things. Even though she's rich!