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Character Dialogue
Beast If this really IS like my East Wing, then the servants' quarters would be there, too...!
Beast And if that's true... maybe I don't have to plan the ball by myself after all...
Beast ... Which is a relief.

Staffing Up[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Beast to search his Castle for help.[1]
"Search for Help"
2h Experience5, Rose Emblems50
  1. Requires Beast's Castle
Character Dialogue
Beast Grhhh... Most of the servants are still there... but nobody's seen Cogsworth or Lumière...!
Beast How am I supposed to plan a ball without a maître d'?! Or a majordomo?!
Beast I... may have growled at the others when I found out... A little.
Beast It just... when I look like this, it feels right...