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Character Dialogue
Timon "Pulling a prank"!? She's got some nerve! I know a predator when I see one, Pumbaa- I've run away from HUNDREDS of 'em!
Pumbaa I know, Timon...but I see why she was confused. We weren't doing much to STOP Scar, after we found him...
Timon Hey, singing counts! ...Napping, too! Gotta keep our energy up if we're gonna track the guy down, right?
Timon In fact, I...uh...was JUST gonna ask around the waterhole to see if anyone knows where Scar's hiding. Thanks for remindin' me.

Spring into Action[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Pumbaa and Timon to search the Circle of Life.[1]
"Spring into Action"
6h Experience5, King Symbols50
Level 5
Character Dialogue
Pumbaa Gee, you were right, Timon! Askin' those animals if they've seen Scar was a lot easier after I took a bath.
Pumbaa None of 'em knew where Scar was, though, so maybe we should... uh... Timon? ... Timon?
Pumbaa Where'd he go?