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Character Dialogue
Goofy Say Daisy, I stopped by the Diner for a slice of pie but there wasn't any pie or any food!
Daisy Duck I know, Goofy. But I'm not going to stock a kitchen when I don't have any customers.
Daisy Duck I just don't know what I'm going to do!
Goofy Well, why didn't you say somethin'? I know what you need -- word of mouth!

Spread the Word[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Daisy Duck
Level 3
Send Daisy to get word out about the Diner.[1]
"Talk Up Diner"
2h Experience15, Magic100
  1. Requires Daisy's Diner
Character Dialogue
Daisy Duck Goofy, you're a genius! Thanks to you, the Diner's chock full of customers!
Goofy Great! Does that mean I can finally get a piece of pie?
Daisy Duck Oh, I'm sorry -- we're at full capacity. Do you have a reservation?
Daisy Duck I guess I should give him a slice just to say thanks...