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Character Dialogue
Woody Buzz, have you noticed how big this place is getting? I wonder if it can be seen from space.
Buzz Lightyear Your musings have piqued my curiosity, Woody. I say we go find out!
Woody Uh, Buzz... You know we can't ACTUALLY fly into space, right?
Buzz Lightyear Not with that attitude! Follow me, Sheriff.

Space Adventure[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Buzz Lightyear
Level 3
Send Buzz to "space" at Astro Orbiters.[1]
"Friendly Space Trip"
8h Experience15, Magic100
Level 4
  1. Requires Astro Orbiters
Character Dialogue
Woody Wow! That felt so... REAL!
Buzz Lightyear Yes, it is an amazingly accurate simulator. Our question has been answered.
Buzz Lightyear We are but a blip in the eye of the universe.
Woody Well, that's just fine by me.
Buzz Lightyear Woody needs to dream big! I say we make this place the brightest star the universe has ever seen!