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Character Dialogue
Goofy Gwarsh, Mickey... I've been hearin' lots of funny noises around the Kingdom lately. And this time, I don't think it's me!
Mickey Mouse You're not the only one, pal -- I hear them too! I bet it's Pete, up to his old tricks again...
Mickey Mouse Come on, we better investigate!

Sounds Like Trouble[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mickey Mouse
Level 2
Send Mickey to investigate.
"Find Out More"
60s Incredibles Currency25
Level ?
Send Goofy to look out for the Kingdom.
"Look Out for the Kingdom"
Character Dialogue
Goofy Hmm... There's no sign of Pete's kinda mischief anywhere. Maybe it's not him, after all.
Mickey Mouse You might be right, Goofy... but if it's not him, then who could it be?