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Character Dialogue
Mowgli Gee, I'm sorry, Bagheera... I was just looking for the water hole you mentioned. And I found more water... lots of it!
Bagheera That's wonderful, Mowgli... and I'm sorry for being harsh on you earlier.
Bagheera The truth is, I've been a bit on edge these past few hours. I could have sworn I caught a familiar scent on the wind...
Mowgli ... And you want to find out who it is? Well, I'm not as good at smelling as you are... but I want to help anyway!

Something in the Air...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Mowgli to go "hunting."
"Help Track"
8h Experience25, Magic200
Level 1
Send Bagheera to track down the familiar scent.
"Track a Familiar Scent"
Character Dialogue
Shere Khan So... The man-cub has found his way here, has he...? How convenient.
Shere Khan It seems my revenge will be swifter than I'd thought...
Bagheera Shere Khan... here! I KNEW I recognized his scent!
Bagheera Mowgli will have to hear about this... and soon. Nothing good can come of THAT bounder stalking around...