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Character Dialogue
Timothy Q Dumbo and me have been everywhere from Hollywood to Halifax, so you'd think I could find THIS town on a map... No dice, though.
Timothy Q It's a good thing I ran on ahead of the rest of the circus! In my line of work, it's ALL about knowin' your location.
Timothy Q That's why I always make sure to pack some brain food for the road. Can't get to know a location on an empty stomach!
Timothy Q Anyway, let's see what kind of operation they've got goin' on around here...

Some Venue, Huh?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Timothy Q
Level 1
Send Timothy to scout out the Kingdom.
"Scout OUt the Kingdom"
6h Experience30, Magic250
Character Dialogue
Timothy Q Let's see, here... Ferris wheel... Roller coaster... Couple o' burger joints... Hey, wait a second!
Timothy Q What gives?! If I didn't know any better, I'd say some OTHER circus tried to book this place before we even showed up!
Timothy Q So THAT'S how it's gonna be... Well, Timothy Mouse ain't afraid of no competition, that's for sure!