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Snowgies (Snowgies) are NPC's released with Frozen Event Update on 7th December 2016.


Snowgies (also known as Snow-Babies) are tiny, mischievous snowmen who first appeared in the animated short, Frozen Fever.

They are created as Elsa starts sneezing. The more Elsa sneezes, the more Snowgies appear. The Snowgies then scamper off to the castle courtyard, where they cause some mischief, most specifically targeting Anna's birthday cake. Luckily, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf manage to subdue them by the time Anna and Elsa arrive and even have them perform a surprise for Anna. After a spectacular birthday party, the Snowgies get taken by Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf to live in the ice palace with Marshmallow.


Snowgies Run Free in the Kingdom!
Snowgies have begun appearing in the Kingdom! Certain characters are able to capture them in order to earn rewards.

Collect Tokens and Select a Hero to Capture Snowgies!
Bag and String tokens are required in order for a character to capture a Snowgie. These tokens can be earned by completing activities.

Collect Snowflake Tokens!
After capturing a Snowgie, a Snowflake token will drop. Use the Snowflake token to welcome and level up Frozen characters!

Snowgies Return Until the Event Ends!
Snowgies will continue to appear in the Kingdom until the end of the event. Capture as many as possible!


Snowgies can be captured by Anna, Kristoff and Olaf once the quest Snowgie Patrol is unlocked, by using the Bag Token (Bag Token) and String Token (String Token) tokens.

Winter Wonders Event 2016
Quest Requirements Spawn Rate Time Rewards
Snowgie Patrol [1] Bag Token2, String Token4 6 every 90 minutes 60m Experience1, Arendelle Shields5,Snowflake Token1
  1. This quest is available throughout the event.