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Character Dialogue
Jessie We got trouble, Woody! I was just moseyin' past the Toy Barn, and the snow's so high folks can hardly get through the doors!
Woody Really?! Well, I should've known... That crook Al NEVER tips the snow-plow guy!
Woody The toys in there are counting on us, Jessie... Looks like we've got some shoveling to do!

Snowed In[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level ?
Send Woody and Jessie to check up on the Toy Barn.[1]
"Check On the Barn"
12h Experience5, Arendelle Shields/201650
Level ?
  1. Requires Al's Toy Barn
Character Dialogue
Woody Uggghhh... Okay... this foot-long patch of sidewalk is... clear... Mostly...
Woody Hey, how are you holding up, Jessie?
Jessie Great, Woody! I plugged in a whole mess o' space heaters and defrosted the parkin' lot in about ten minutes! Why?
Jessie Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln! You're ACTUALLY shoveling?! I thought that was just a figure of speech!
Woody Aw, you know me, Jessie. I'm a classic... (Man, why didn't I think of space heaters?!)