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Character Dialogue
Jafar I'm free... ? FINALLY!! I thought I'd never get out of that blasted lamp!
Jafar ...No... This...! This is wrong... I still feel ties to the lamp, but my magic is gone! A genie's bonds without a genie's power...
Jafar Only the darkest Curse could rob me of my powers. Hmm... Perhaps such sorcery could be turned to my advantage...
Jafar Yes! But I'll need time to collect certain artifacts... and a secluded spot where I can put them to use.

Snake in the Garden[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build the Lotus Fountain.[1] 6h Experience5, Sultan Symbols50
  1. Requires Jasmine Level 2
Character Dialogue
Jasmine What a lovely fountain! This spot is just like the courtyard back at the palace...
Jasmine It'll be the perfect place for Genie's party! We'll put the divan over there...maybe move those potted palms a little, and--
Jasmine ...Wait. ...Hello? Is someone there?
Jasmine I don't see anyone, but I thought I heard something... Hmm.