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Character Dialogue
Anna All right, I just need to focus... What do I know?
Anna Well, my sister's wandered off into a strange Kingdom, it's snowing like crazy, I'm the only one who can fin--
Anna ... Ooh! Is that a bakery?
Anna It is! And I'm the only one who can find Elsa, AND go to that bakery! ... But find her FIRST!

Sisterly Search[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Anna to search the Kingdom for Elsa.
"Search for Elsa"
2h Experience5, Arendelle Shields/201650
Character Dialogue
Anna Nobody's seen her? I don't get it. She's a beautiful, majestic queen with magical ice powers! How hard can she be to spot?!
Anna ... Although it IS snowing pretty hard... so maybe her white hair and blue dress are like camouflage? No, that's silly...
Anna Regardless, there's no way I'm giving up! I saved her once, and I can save her again!
Anna ... As soon as I actually figure out where she is!
Character Dialogue
Hans Oh, Anna... Poor, naive Anna. The people of this Kingdom are in crisis... and you're off trying to "save" the one who caused it.
Anna What? No! She DIDN'T... It's NOT... Hans, you... You're manipulative, and heartless, and everyone here knows it!
Hans Actually, no one in THIS Kingdom knows me at all. And even if your accusations WERE true, the people can be swayed.
Hans Besides... if Elsa isn't to blame, why isn't she here, trying to fix this? I'd say this place is in need of stronger leadership...