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Character Dialogue
Drizella Tremaine I don't want anyone to get the idea that I LIKE Cinderella... just thinking of her still makes me feel sick!
Drizella Tremaine But now that she's got a prince, Mother says we have to pretend to be... *shudder* ... NICE to her. Because maybe HE has friends.
Drizella Tremaine Of course, I'm perfect at everything -- so I'm sure I CAN do that... I just don't WANT to.
Drizella Tremaine So, I thought I'd just sing at her instead! That way, she'll be so impressed I won't even have to talk to her at all!

Sing, Sour Nightingale[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Drizella Tremaine
Level 1
Send Drizella to practice her singing.
"Practice Her Singing"
2h Experience5, Magic50
Character Dialogue
Drizella Tremaine Ahhh... Perfect as usual!
Drizella Tremaine That's another reason I'm glad Anastasia isn't here to ruin this for me. For some silly reason, she thinks I'm out of tune!
Drizella Tremaine She wouldn't know music if it kicked her in the face! Which it LOOKS like it has.