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Character Dialogue
White Rabbit Attention... that is to say, attention! All loyal subjects of Her Excellency, Her Grace, Her Royal Majesty the Queen of Hearts...
White Rabbit (...and the King...)
White Rabbit ...are hereby cordially, voluntarily invited to a mandatory croquet tournament in honor of Her Grace's Royal Unbirthday--
Mad Hatter An UNBIRTHDAY, you say?! And furthermore... CROQUET, you say?! And INVITED? And also... uh... also "in" and "of" and so forth? Hoohoo!
White Rabbit ... Ohhh, no. No, no, no, NO. If only I could cordially, voluntarily UN-invite somebody from a mandatory croquet tournament...

Sign Him Up...?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mad Hatter
Level 1
Send the Mad Hatter to consider playing croquet.
"Consider Playing Croquet"
60m Experience10, Vinyl Records75
Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter Ahhh... There's nothing like a cup of tea or forty to help a hatter remember whether he knows how to play croquet or not...
Mad Hatter And there's EVERYTHING like a cup of tea or EIGHTY to remember that he can just get that dear girl to play croquet for him!
Mad Hatter Of course... hoohoooo! ... Of course, I don't remember how many cups of tea I DID have.
Mad Hatter But... ah... I'm sure statistics will prove that it was at LEAST eighty!