Character Dialogue
The Mandalorian I'm glad you're okay, little one... but you should get back on the ship. There's something I need to take care of before--
The Child ...!
The Mandalorian I'm serious, kid. We've gotta get off-planet fast -- you need to get ready while I--
The Child ... ...!!!
The Mandalorian *sigh* ... Did you hear anything I just said?

Short and Sweet

Character Activities Time Rewards
The Child
Level 1
Send the Child and Mando to have a power struggle.
"Have a Power Stuggle"
6h Experience5, Galactic Credits50
The Mandalorian
Level 5
Character Dialogue
The Mandalorian Okay... What's the matter. You hungry?
The Child ...
The Mandalorian ... Not hungry. Tired? I can go get your pram, if--
The Child ... ...
The Mandalorian "No," huh. Well, if you want me to read you a story or something, I wouldn't get your hopes up--
The Child !!!
The Mandalorian *sigh* ... You've gotta be kidding me.
The Child !!!


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