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Character Dialogue
Mama Odie HAH! Shadow Man thinks he's hot stuff just 'cause he can sweet-talk a couple bad spirits? He gotta think again!
Mama Odie Cut-rate bokor like him ain't really care about no Voodoo OR Hoodoo -- he just want power for his own self!
Mama Odie Well, if he come at magic with THAT kinda attitude, he gonna get just what he pay for: NOTHIN'!
Mama Odie Nothin' but a buncha two-bit shadows who skeedaddle the minute we shine a light on 'em, that is. Now: Let's send 'em packin'!

Shade, Shade, Go Away[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Shadow Spirits Banish Shadow Spirits. (x5)
"Spawn Rate: 3 every 2 hours"
10m [1] Experience10, Voodoo Coins50
  1. Although the character activities requires 10m, the complete quest duration is 2h because of the Shadow Spirits spawn rate.

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Charlotte La Bouff
Level 1
Charlotte La Bouff: Banish a Shadow Spirit 36s Experience 2, Voodoo Coins 10
Prince Naveen
Level 1
Prince Naveen: Banish a Shadow Spirit 2m Experience 2, Voodoo Coins 10
Mama Odie
Level 1
Mama Odie: Banish a Shadow Spirit 2m Experience 2, Voodoo Coins 10

Character Dialogue
Mama Odie WHOOO! You got some SPUNK, Mrs. Froggy Mama! Y'all bust up shadows nearly as fast as I do, with that... whatcha call it again?
Eudora Oh, this? It's one of those new high-powered flashlights: I bought it a while ago to use the next time there's a hurricane.
Eudora Set me back more than a dollar, too... but the way today's been going, I am DEFINITELY getting my money's worth.
Mama Odie Heeheeheee! I see where that daughter of yours got her sense from! Knew there was a reason I like y'all...
Mama Odie I'm gonna stick to this here gourd, myself. If it ain't broke in 198 years, I ain't gonna fix it!