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Character Dialogue
Michael Darling I have lots of friends in Never Land. Like all the Lost Boys!
Michael Darling We play all sorts of games together in their home under the ground. Like playing ball, and digging for worms, and...
Michael Darling ...and I'm going to play with them now!

Seven of a Kind[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Michael Darling
Level 5
Send Michael to play at the Lost Boys' Hideout.[1]
"Play at the Hideout"
8h Experience30, Magic250
Character Dialogue
Michael Darling Heehee! That was fun!
Michael Darling I played with Tootles when I was feeling quiet, Slightly when I was feeling loud, Nibs when I was feeling jumpy...
Michael Darling ...and the Twins when I wanted to play two things at once!
Michael Darling Cubby played with Bear the whole time. They're both bears!