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Character Dialogue
Pumbaa I like huntin' for party food almost as much as I like parties, Timon...
Pumbaa While I'm lookin', I get to think of all the fun we'll have eatin' all the bugs we find!
Timon Just as long as you wait 'til the party to eat 'em, pal. We don't want another repeat of Simba's birthday party last year.
Pumbaa Oh...yeah. I was so full I fell asleep and missed the whole thing.


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Pumbaa and Timon to hunt up some party snacks.
"Hunt Up Party Snacks"
4h Experience5, King Symbols50
Level 6
Character Dialogue
Timon Wow... now THAT'S some top-quality grub! We really outdid ourselves this time, Pumbaa.
Pumbaa If you say so, Timon...but what about Nala? I'm not sure she likes bugs as much as we do.
Timon Yeah, I told her she'd better eat before the party.
Timon Hospitality's one thing, but I'm not exactly the kind of caterer who can run down a zebra.
Timon Yeah... Being a carnivore must be tough. If I had to chase my food, I'd just get hungrier.