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Character Dialogue
Nani Ai-yi-yi... Don't tell me how late I am -- I know I'm late! It's just... I had to work an extra shift at the shave ice stand, and...
Nani Oh, wait -- I should back up and explain this. Lilo and I were planning this big summer beach party together...
Nani ... Or we were SUPPOSED to be, but then I had to work all weekend, and then Mrs. Hasagawa's was closed, and--
Nani ... And now I can't find Lilo either. She always picks the worst times to disappear...


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Nani to search for party-planning help.
"Search for Party Help"
4h Experience45, Trident Sand Shells250
Character Dialogue
Nani LILO...!!! Rrrgh... If you don't come out and help right now, I'm gonna stick an apple in your mouth and serve you at the par--
Nani ...rrrrrrticipatory math tutoring session I've... signed you up for...?
Cobra Bubbles Good afternoon, Ms. Pelekai.
Nani ... Aheh.
Nani Uh... Sure is a lovely day, isn't it...?