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Character Dialogue
Sebastian ... And he was no help at all, just as I expected! Why, if your father were here right now, he would--
Sebastian Oh. Oh! Now, THAT is an idea! We will bring your father here -- he will be able to fix this whole crazy situation right away!
Ariel I don't know... If Ursula really IS back, she might be trying to steal his powers again. I don't want to put him in danger...
Sebastian Ariel... Your father is as brave as a lionfish, and twice as sharp! He will be fine. Let us just talk this over somewhere safe...

Seeking a Sea King[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Sebastian & Ariel to talk in her Grotto.[1]
"Talk in Ariel's Grotto"
8h Experience5, Trident Sand Shells50
  1. Requires Ariel's Grotto
Character Dialogue
Ursula Hahahaaa! Ohh, I can't stand it... It's too much! I don't even have to FIND Triton -- they're bringing him right to me!
Ursula Well... I always was a girl who could make the best of a lucky situation...
Ursula And if Triton arrives to find these seas overrun by a few pretty little magical monsters... who knows what he'll agree to?
Sebastian What was that noise out there? Bah -- I am probably just hearing things...