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Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Uh... So, Abuelita left for home a while ago looking REALLY intense? And she hasn't gotten back yet. ... I'm kind of worried.
Miguel Rivera I'm not sure if she knows how to talk to people about music without getting really worked up about it!
Miguel Rivera Well, either she'll come back with songs from our family... or she'll make my family write some, and come back with THOSE.

Seeking Inspiration[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Abuelita to talk to the family at Home.[1]
"Talk to Family at Home"
2h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Abuelita! There you-- Uh... what do you have in that handbag? (It's so big!)
Abuelita Oh, nothing much. Only the lyrics from Abel and Rosa's original duets, a polka record from Papá Julio's old collection, and--
Miguel Rivera ... Is that a can of café?
Abuelita Ah-ah-ah! THAT is a phonograph cylinder. Honestly, Miguelito -- what have they been teaching you in school these days?
Abuelita This had your Mamá Imelda's name on it. Before Héctor left, she must have liked ranchera very much!