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Character Dialogue
Lady Tremaine That prince and his insipid royal balls... Why he insists on continuing to hold them is a mystery to me.
Lady Tremaine (Especially since he's stopped inviting EVERY eligible maiden to attend... Two of them, in particular.)
Lady Tremaine Thankfully, there are other royal events that remain open to gentlewomen of good family...

See and Be Seen[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Lady Tremaine
Level 3
Send Lady Tremaine to visit the Regal Carrousel.[1]
"Visit the Regal Carrousel"
4h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Lady Tremaine ... It seems gentlewoman of good family are ALSO unwelcome at the Royal Promenade.
Lady Tremaine (Judging by the mud, the Royal Carriage horses positively went out of their way to splash on me...)
Lady Tremaine At any rate, I have more pressing concerns. A dress that needs laundering, for one...
Lady Tremaine I'll not do it myself, that's for certain.