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Character Dialogue
Marlin ... He's got a point, Dory! We ARE done with the lesson plan! But... I don't know. How safe IS this place, really?
Dory No idea! Ooh... wait, that question was supposed to be rhetorical, wasn't it. Gotcha.
Dory Actually... no! DON'T gotcha! If one easy little field trip to the EAC got us into so much trouble, how bad CAN this place be?

See That Sea![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Dory and Marlin to discuss staying here.
"Discuss Staying Here"
12h Experience5, Sand Dollars50
Level 3
Character Dialogue
Dory ... Giant yellow whales! Pretty purple shells! A... weird beardy sort-of-human with a fish tail I think I saw!
Marlin Dory...
Dory If all that's not worth a TINY bit of danger to find out more about, then what IS?
Marlin ... DORY! I was going to say... You're right. I think it would be good for all of us if we took a break here for a little while.
Dory Really? Great! I mean, that's really a relief, because I COMPLETELY forgot I was trying to convince you to do that... but great!
Dory But hey, at least I was good at it, right?