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Character Dialogue
Roo I don't think I can get Pooh Bear unstuck all by myself... I'm not big enough yet.
Roo I know... I'll ask Rabbit to help! Rabbit's really good at making up plans like that...
Roo (And don't tell anybody, but he can jump really high, too!)

Search and Rescue[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Roo to look for Rabbit at Rabbit's House.[1]
"Look for Rabbit"
2h Experience5, Pooh Badges50
  1. Requires Rabbit's House
Character Dialogue
Roo Aww... Rabbit's not home.
Roo But... maybe that's a good thing after all?
Roo If anybody asks, that fancy vase was already in all those pieces on the floor when I came in!
Roo Or maybe a Woozle snuck up behind me and knocked it down when I wasn't looking! Yeah!