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Character Dialogue
Anna All right! We are all stocked up and ready to go! Pick a direction and start hiking, Kristoff, because we're gonna find my--
Kristoff Whoa, whoa, easy there! We DO have a map, you know.
Anna Right...! I KNEW I was forgetting something.
Anna Okay: Pick the CORRECT direction and start hiking, because we are gonna find my sister... with that map!

Search Party[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Kristoff and Anna to look for Elsa.
"Team-Search for Elsa"
2h Experience5, Arendelle Shields/201650
Level 4
Character Dialogue
Anna Hmm... I think this might be a piece of her dress? Although, I think her dress is somehow magical, so I can't be "SURE" sure...
Anna Oh! But these are DEFINITELY her footprints!
Kristoff More like OUR footprints. Because we've been doing that thing where we--
Anna Go around in circles and double back on ourselves? Hmm...
Kristoff I knew that tree looked familiar...