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Character Dialogue
Nemo Hmm... Well, maybe Squirt swam away from the reef on his own? I wonder if any other fish saw him...
Crush Well, they didn't tell me, dude. Like... there was this whole school of black-and-yellow guys that just gave me the cold fin!
Nemo Wait... black and yellow? Did they have long top fins and skinny little mouths? Sort of... triangle-shaped?
Crush Whoa... That they did, little dude! How'd you know?
Nemo Crush... I think I've got an idea. Follow me. Let's go talk to them together!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Nemo and Crush to talk to the fish in the Seas.[1]
"Talk to Fish in the Seas"
8h Experience5, Sand Dollars50
Level 3
Character Dialogue
Crush Whoa... It's like... They told you where Squirt was right away! How'd you swing THAT? You have some kind of "in" with those dudes?
Nemo Well, they're Moorish idols -- like my friend Gill! So I thought maybe they heard about how I helped him try to escape, and...
Nemo Actually, it's... kind of a long story. Haha!
Crush Sounds like it, dude! But hey -- until we track down my little man, we got nothin' but time. Lay it on me!
Nemo Okay! So... um... first, do you know what a "filter" is?