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Character Dialogue
Cogsworth Heavens! "RUIN" the ball, did you say...! And after all the WORK we-- WELL! This will not stand, my lady. It simply will not!
Belle I agree, Cogsworth... and I wanted to talk to you about it first.
Belle You're the most organized person I know... Can you gather the others and think of a plan to stop Gaston, once and for all?
Cogsworth Well! I will make every effort to live up to your faith in me -- just you wait! I will rally the troops at once!

Save Our Party![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Cogsworth to organize the resistance.
"Organize the Resistance"
6h Experience5, Rose Emblems50
Character Dialogue
Lumiere So! We are to confront the brute together -- at the place where the ball is to be held?
Cogsworth Yes -- if the brute hasn't destroyed it already, at any rate. The Master knows, and Belle, and everyone else I could find...
Cogsworth Ohh, it's not the most DETAILED proposal, I'll admit, but under the circumstances... well, it was the best I could do!
Lumiere Sometimes the simplest plans are best, monsieur! If we work together, we will surely be victorious!
Cogsworth Yes... quite right! That's the spirit, my good man! All for one and one for all!