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Character Dialogue
Prince Charming (Snow White) Being a prince... I so rarely get to just be myself. There's always another ball, or reception, or royal audience...
Prince Charming (Snow White) Why, I hardly even see what life is like outside the palace!
Prince Charming (Snow White) That's why Snow White and I often visit the little men, in their cottage in the woods. Nothing could be more refreshing!
Prince Charming (Snow White) And, since Snow White taught them all to wash... why, it's even more refreshing than that!

Royal in Attendance[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Prince Charming (Snow White)
Level 5
Send Prince Charming to visit the Dwarfs' Cottage.[1]
"Visit the Cottage"
2h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Prince Charming (Snow White) Ha ha! That Dopey... always a breath of fresh air! And Doc... why, he can be quite the conversationalist!
Prince Charming (Snow White) At least, I'm almost sure he is. I've asked my royal advisors, and they've never heard of some of the expressions he uses...
Prince Charming (Snow White) Perhaps they're better-known out in the forest?