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Character Dialogue
Peter Pan That tree's a swell hideout 'cause it's got seven ways to get inside!
Peter Pan That's one for each Lost Boy: Tootles, Rabbit, Slightly, Cubby, the two Twins, and most importantly, me!
Peter Pan Of course, now Wendy's around a lot, and... Hmm.
Peter Pan Say, I've got an idea!

Room for One More?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Peter Pan
Level 8
Send Peter Pan to renovate the Lost Boys' Hideout.[1]
"Add Room for One More"
12h Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Peter Pan Rats! I can't find anywhere to carve another hole in that tree!
Peter Pan If a hideout's all holes and no tree, then it would be real tough to keep secret. You could look right down into it, easy.
Peter Pan Maybe I should build a little house for Wendy, instead... Yeah! With branches for walls, and the floor all covered with moss...
Peter Pan Or, even better -- I'll tell the Lost Boys to build it, instead!
Peter Pan My men will pretend to be anything I tell 'em. So, I'm SURE they can be housebuilders!