Character Dialogue
Rabbit N-now, don't you worry one bit, Kanga -- I'll find Roo for you!
Rabbit After all -- to borrow a useful phrase -- finding Roos is one of the things Rabbits do best! (Oh, I DO like the sound of that...)
Kanga That's very nice of you, Rabbit, but are you sure? The last time you went looking for something, you got lo--
Rabbit Yes, yes, yes, a-as I was saying: Finding Roos is one of the things Rabbits do best the SECOND time around!

Roo, Pursued

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Rabbit to find Roo.
"Find Roo"
12h Experience5, Pooh Badges50
Character Dialogue
Rabbit Ohh, Roooooo...! Hello, Roo! A-are you there...?
Rabbit Oh dear. Ohhhh, heavens to Betsy... Either that sandpit has been following me around the forest all this time, or...
Rabbit M-maybe finding Roo is one of the things Rabbits do best the THIRD time they try?
Rabbit W-with it so misty outside, I'm not sure I'd like to look around long enough to find out...


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