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Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera This is actually my first time playing for anyone outside of Santa Cecilia...
Miguel Rivera ... Well, unless you count the Land of the Dead last year. And that was kind of a special case.
Miguel Rivera Anyway. Nothing beats making music with my family... but on THIS Día de los Muertos, I wanted to share how good that feeling is!
Miguel Rivera So, I'm gonna come back home soon -- but that's why I'm here now! (Abuelita packed me about ten tamales for the road, too...)

Road Gig[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Miguel Rivera
Level 1
Send Miguel to play for the Kingdom.
"Play for the Kingdom"
2h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Huh... That was weird. It's like... this place is so colorful, you'd think everyone here would be happier!
Miguel Rivera But it's like there was a lot on their minds... they weren't paying attention all the way. Even after I gave them my best grito!
Miguel Rivera And I have a REALLY good grito now, too. I've been working on it all year!
Miguel Rivera I gotta be careful, though. One time, I practiced too much, and I was hoarse for a whole week...