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Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter ... As I was saying, it's just DELIGHTFUL that we remembered the Queen's unbirthday party! We're simply the BEST at remembering...
March Hare As you said: We're simply the BEST at whatever it was you said! But, say... are you SURE it was the QUEEN whose unbirthday it--?
Mad Hatter Oh, quite sure -- QUITE sure! As I said, we're simply the... uh... the...
Mad Hatter I've forgotten what we're talking about. But I'm QUITE sure there was tea involved! Hoo-hoo-hoooo!

Rhymes with "C"...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mad Hatter
Level 5
Send the Mad Hatter to prepare tea for the Queen.
"Prepare Tea for the Queen"
60m Experience5, Queen Coins50
March Hare
Level 4
Send the March Hare to prepare tea for the Queen.
"Prepare Tea for the Queen"
Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter There! All the tea we'll need, for whoever the people were who needed it!
March Hare I say, my good man... Are you QUITE sure those people aren't us?
Mad Hatter Hmmm... Hahahahaaa! Now that I think of it, I don't see why they wouldn't be!
Mad Hatter We ARE people, after all! Or at least ONE of us is, anyway...