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Rhino Guards (Rhino Guards) are NPC's released with Robin Hood Event Update on 8th March 2022.


Rhino Guards are the main forces under Prince John during his rule of England, tended to be seen protecting him whenever he went out among the public and working alongside him and the Sheriff of Nottingham in controlling his taxation regime. In the film, Rhino Guards were seen escorting Prince John's royal coach, providing security at the archery tournament (with one Rhino Guard serving as a participant), and protecting the castle.


  • Two Rhino Guards were seen on duty at the entrance to Prince John’s castle, which served as the event arena during the Robin Hood event.


Robin Hood Event 2022
Quest Spawn Rate Time Rewards
Guards! Guards!!![1] 5 every 4 hours Instant Farthings5, English Shortbow Token
  1. This quest is available throughout the event.