"#ReuniteTheIncredibles" 100 Gems Sweepstakes 2016
"#ReuniteTheIncredibles" 100 Gems Sweepstakes 2016
2nd June 2016 - 16th June 2016
'We did it! With over 4000 Supporters to ‪#‎ReuniteTheIncredibles‬, we have unlocked the 100 Gems Sweepstakes. 100 lucky winners from both Facebook and Twitter will be announced on June 17th, so look forward to it!'

Gameloft's "#ReuniteTheIncredibles" 100 Gems Sweepstakes began on 2nd June 2016 and ended on 16th June 2016.

One Hundred (100) Winners will be selected from all successful entries received during the Sweepstakes Period in a random drawing on or about June 17th, 2016. All winners will receive 100 Gems which Average Retail Value (ARV) is $3.60 USD. The total ARV of the Sweepstakes is $360.00 USD.


  1. Follow Disney Magic Kingdoms profile on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  2. Follow the link to the Sweepstakes Thunderclap page
  3. Click on "Support with Twitter" and/or "Support with Facebook", and re-tweet/re-post the following:
    Let’s #ReuniteTheIncredibles in #DisneyMagicKingdoms to defeat Syndrome! http://thndr.me/FMSPwN
  4. You must post it to get an entry to the Sweepstakes.


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