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A Resource Chest is a Rare chest. It was introduced to the game with the DuckTales, Enchantments Update on 2nd July 2019.


It contains identical rewards from Bronze Chest. However, the rewards are higher in quantity, and players are able to get Rare Blueprint Token, Rare Tokens and Rare Relic Tokens without needing the 10% Special Chance.

The frequency that it will appear on the park is 6×/month on average (See more...). Players can buy this chest with Gems (Gems) or real money.

Resource Chests can also be obtained from Mini Events and Calendars.

At The Opening

When you open this chest, you will receive:

Resource Chests Prizes

Since Update 31 Prizes
⸺⸺ Common ⸺⸺
Happiness 4
Magic 90-1,103
Collection Token 4
Collection Tokens
Common Token 3
Common Tokens
Common Blueprint Token 3
Common Blueprint Tokens
Common Relic Token 8
Common Relic Tokens
⸺⸺ Uncommon ⸺⸺
Uncommon Uncommon
Magic 125-1,531
Uncommon Token 2
Uncommon Tokens
Uncommon Blueprint Token 2
Uncommon Blueprint Tokens
Uncommon Relic Token 4
Uncommon Relic Tokens
⸺⸺ Rare ⸺⸺
Rare Rare Rare
Magic 200-2,450
Rare Token 1
Rare Token
Rare Blueprint Token 1
Rare Blueprint Token
Rare Relic Token 2
Rare Relic Tokens
⸺⸺ Epic ⸺⸺
Epic Epic Epic Epic
Magic 500-6,125
Epic Token 1
Epic Token
⸺⸺ Only at 10% Special Chance ⸺⸺
⸺⸺ Epic ⸺⸺
Epic Epic Epic Epic
Epic Blueprint Token 1
Epic Blueprint Token
⸺⸺ Legendary ⸺⸺
Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary
Legendary Token 1
Legendary Token