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Character Dialogue
Captain Hook *sigh...* Oh, my aching head... and me poor, tired feet. Don't know when I've been in such a bleak and bilious mood.
Captain Hook It's that blasted Pan. Just when I think I've got him in my clutches, he wriggles free like some sort of... of...
Captain Hook Ohh, what's the use? I simply WON'T be meself again till I've had a fresh shave, a foot bath, and a hook-sharpening.
Captain Hook I hope Smee's saved a tin of moustache wax. Oh, and those fizzy little bath salts, too.

Repair to Quarters![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Captain Hook
Level 6
Send Hook to recuperate in his pirate ship.[1]
8h Experience25, Magic200
  1. Requires The Jolly Roger
Character Dialogue
Captain Hook Grrrrrr... SMEE!!! Why, that blithering blockhead can't even give a man proper SHAMPOO without tipping him OVERBOARD!
Captain Hook I've half a mind to make him walk the--
Captain Hook ... Wait. Steady on for just a moment... Why, I've gotten so mad at Smee that I've plain forgotten to be woeful about Pan...
Captain Hook Ahhhh, I see what Smee's done. He's distracted me. I KNEW there was a reason I haven't keelhauled him yet.
Captain Hook I shall have to show Smee appreciation, when the mood strikes me. He always likes it when I bellow...