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Character Dialogue
Hiro We'll need all the help we can get taking down those battle bots... and not just so we can scan their hard drives, either.
Hiro With things this bad, we're gonna need all the spare parts we can get! Think of it like recycling, but... uh... more violent.

Ready... FIGHT!!![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Battle Bots Collect Wires from Battle Bots. (x19)
"Spawn Rate: 6 every 90 minutes"
57m [1] Gems5, Experience10, Medical Chips75
  1. Although the character activities requires 57m, the complete quest duration is 4h30 because of the Battle Bots spawn rate.

Character Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Hiro: Defeat a Battle Bot 3m Experience 1, Medical Chips 5 Wires Token
Level 1
Wasabi: Defeat a Battle Bot 3m Experience 1, Medical Chips 5 Wires Token
Go Go
Level 1
Go Go: Defeat a Battle Bot 15s Experience 1, Medical Chips 5 Wires Token

Character Dialogue
Hiro Wait -- is this wire superconductive?! Sweet!
Hiro Look -- say what you want about San Fransokyo's underground bot fighters, but they've got good taste in components.
Hiro I should know -- I was one! A bot fighter, not a component.