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Character Dialogue
Simba Hey, Timon! You and Pumbaa wouldn't know anything about a bug-eating contest in a lion's den, would you?
Timon YIPE! Simba! Before you say anything, we were GOING to rinse down the rocks after, and... uh... would you believe it's for charity?
Simba Haha! Relax -- I'm not mad at you guys. In fact, I was going to offer to judge the contest! ... So long as you have it outside.
Timon Buddy, you have got yourself a deal! It's like I was just sayin' to Pumbaa: That den's got lousy lighting anyway.

Ready? Set?! BEETLES!!![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Timon and Pumbaa to hold the Bug-Off!
"Hold the Bug-Off!"
6h Experience45, Medical Chips250
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Timon (Oy, my achin' gut...) S... Simba? How... how'd we do?
Simba Well, it was a close one... but in the end, you ate 357 beetles. And Pumbaa...
Timon Yeah? Yeah?!
Simba ... Pumbaa ALSO ate 357 beetles.
Timon *sigh* ... Why am I not surprised.
Timon I'd demand a rematch, but... I'm not sure I'm gonna want to eat for another few decades.