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Character Dialogue
Mrs Belle and the Master always appreciate a nice, hot cup of tea after their weekly reading time... and I'm happy to oblige them!
Mrs A spot of Darjeeling should do the trick... That'll pep them up nicely in case they've just read one of the sadder bits.
Mrs Now: If it were a comedy, peppermint would be best! A cook just knows these things.

Reading and Refreshments[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Mrs. Potts to prepare tea for the couple.
"Prepare Tea"
12h Experience45, Galactic Coins250
Character Dialogue
Mrs Here's your tea service, Master! What have you and the missus been reading this time?
Beast Oh... Hello, Mrs. Potts. Uh... it's not very important, but... One of the... uh... the romantic parts.
Mrs Gracious! In that case, forget the Darjeeling... I have a special tin of jasmine tea for just this occasion!
Beast Uh... Thank you...?
Mrs It's a very fragrant tea, jasmine is. Perfect for those tender moments!