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Character Dialogue
Alberto Okay! Back on the hill, and ready for another practice run -- this time, Alberto-style!
Alberto Let's see... Energy levels? Awesome! Fighting spirit intensity? BORN ready! Shoelace-tiedness? Still super dumb!
Alberto And best of all... Checklists? Not a thing my training program has, because they're boring! Ready, set, GO ME!

Re-race Rewind

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Alberto to try again at Portorosso Tower.[1]
"Challenge Portorosso Tower"
8h Experience5, Portorosso Cup Posters50
Character Dialogue
Alberto Wow... I can't believe it! After all that time, I--
Giulia BASTA! Luca, just because we're using the telescope does NOT mean you should be spying on Alberto!
Luca But he's been working so hard -- I just wanted to see whether he made it without crashing or not.
Giulia I'm curious too, but we've gotta trust him to train himself. And that means giving him space to mess up without us watching!
Giulia Besides, we don't have time to waste spying on Alberto... We SHOULD be spying on Ercole!
Luca Okay. I liked it better when we were calling it "sizing up the competition," though.