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Randall Boggs is a character released with Initial Release on 17th March 2016, and is a part of the Monsters, Inc. character collection.


Randall "Randy" Boggs is the main, later secondary antagonist in Disney/Pixar’s 2001 film Monsters, Inc., and a supporting character-turned-tertiary antagonist in its 2013 prequel Monsters University.

In Monsters University, Randall is seen as a young and pimple-faced teenager. He sometimes wears his purple glasses, but stops wearing them within minutes of his introduction (hence his squinting).

In Monsters, Inc., Randall has 3 fronds, green eyes, 4 arms and legs and has the ability to completely blend in with his surroundings, making him invisible (as well as being able to cling to walls). He can also camouflage like a chameleon.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome Scream Canister Token15 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token8 Randall Ears Hat Token8 Magic35,000 2h No
Level 2 Scream Canister Token5 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token2 Randall Ears Hat Token2 Magic2,050 36s Gems1, Experience5
Level 3 Scream Canister Token10 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token3 Randall Ears Hat Token3 Magic3,100 6m Gems1, Experience6
Level 4 Scream Canister Token15 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token5 Randall Ears Hat Token5 Magic4,650 35m Gems1, Experience7
Level 5 Scream Canister Token20 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token7 Randall Ears Hat Token7 Magic6,050 60m Gems2, Experience8
Level 6 Scream Canister Token25 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token10 Randall Ears Hat Token10 Magic7,850 2h Gems2, Experience9
Level 7 Scream Canister Token30 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token13 Randall Ears Hat Token13 Magic10,200 4h Gems3, Experience10
Level 8 Scream Canister Token35 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token16 Randall Ears Hat Token16 Magic13,250 8h Gems3, Experience11
Level 9 Scream Canister Token40 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token20 Randall Ears Hat Token20 Magic17,250 16h Gems3, Experience12
Level 10 Scream Canister Token50 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token25 Randall Ears Hat Token25 Magic22,450 24h Gems5, Experience13

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
2 Complain about Food
* Cyclops Sushi
60m Experience7, Magic40 Scream Canister Token Haunted Mansion Sign Token
1 Lecture by Roz
* Mike and Sulley to the Rescue
Lvl 1
2h Experience13, Magic100
1 Go Scaring
* Cyclops Sushi
4h Experience13, Magic110 Wanted Satchel Token Flynn Ears Hat Token Flash's Mug Token
2 Activity with Visual Animation Heckle the Performer
* Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
Mike Wazowski
Lvl 4
4h Experience17, Magic150 Pascal's Dress Token
1 Compete with Sulley
* Mike and Sulley to the Rescue
Lvl 3
6h Experience20, Magic210 Mother Gothel Ears Hat Token
1 Activity with Visual Animation Scare Guests for Fun 8h Experience20, Magic200 Rapunzel Ears Hat Token Pot of Soup Token
7 Activity with Visual Animation Dealing with Trouble Mike Wazowski
Lvl 8
8h Experience25, Magic270 Butterfly Token Bambi Ears Hat Token
1 Throw Tomatoes
* Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
12h Experience29, Magic275 Prince Phillip Ears Hat Token Red Fire Stick Token
1 Race Mike around Work
* Mike and Sulley to the Rescue
Mike Wazowski
Lvl 5
12h Experience37, Magic370
10 Propose a Truce
* Cyclops Sushi
Lvl 7
24h Experience57, Magic500

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards
A Merry Unbirthday Event 2017
1 Activity with Visual Animation Scare Guests for Fun 8h Experience20, Queen Coins65
This Is Halloween Event 2016
1 Activity with Visual Animation Scare Guests for Fun 10m Experience5, Wooden Pumpkins25
1 Go Scaring
* Cyclops Sushi
4h Experience13, Wooden Pumpkins75

Randall Boggs Storyline

Side Quest Home Is Where the Fear Is (60m)
Side Quest A Career in Criticism (18h)
Side Quest Reformed Villain? (8h)


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  • Randall Boggs is one of the few characters in the game who has a different musical theme from the other characters in his franchise collection when he is unlocked/level up.


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