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Character Dialogue
Ralph I don't wanna have to go back to Slaughter Race... but if it's to find Vanellope, then I've go no choice.
Ralph Besides, every minute she spends in that nitro-soaked nightmare's gotta be terrible for her health...
Ralph Let's see... If Spamley found a connection to the Internet, and Yesss made a connection to HER site, then maybe *I* can... Hmm.


Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build "Slaughter.Race."[1] 8h Experience5, Hearts50
  1. Requires Shank Level 3
Character Dialogue
Ralph Oh... uh... Hey, look, a direct connection to Slaughter Race! And right here in this game, too!
Ralph Uh... and the part around it that looks like someone just punched a hole in the software architecture to make a path there?
Ralph Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was like that the whole time.
Ralph Especially the part that's still leaking binary. That DEFINITELY looks like it's on purpose.